Our History

The Stand in the Gap Coalition (SIGCO) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Drug Awareness and Prevention organization founded in 2010 in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. The earliest efforts of SIGCO were spawned by the documentary, An Appalachian Dawn, which chronicled the Oxycontin Scourge of the late 1990’s in eastern Kentucky, Clay County.

Specifically, SIGCO originated as a Faith Based effort seeking a remedy for the addictions of harmful substances, such as various illicit/illegal drugs, nicotine, alcohol abuse, and misuse of prescription medications. Our primary focus is in Claiborne County of eastern Tennessee. Additionally, SIGCO continues relationships and training the Tri-State area of KY-VA-TN.

Today, the spirit and goals of SIGCO remain alive through the efforts of a small core of volunteers, donated resources and a grant funding from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TNMHSAS). In 2020, SIGCO was honored to be the designated Drug Awareness and Prevention Coalition for Claiborne County, by resolution of its county commissioners. The SIGCO office is located at 325 Straight Creek Road, New Tazewell, TN 37825.

Currently, SIGCO provides “FREE” to the public, 12 Panel saliva-based drug testing kits, and training for other distribution points, education for prevention of substance abuse. Additionally, our SIGCO Claiborne County Jail Ministry offers and provides resources training, Holy Bibles and Reading Glasses to all inmates requesting them. We also provide Christmas Gifts for inmate children and information for making applications halfway homes and rehabilitation facilities.

SIGCO is currently holding a weekly support, transition and recovery training (START) group meeting each Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the SIGCO Office. This program has been requested as a SAFE JOURNEY for those continuing in recovery.

SIGCO collaborates with County and Local Law Enforcement of Claiborne County to enhance better communications with law-enforcement and drug task force agencies.

Is there more we can do? Is there more we should do?

Our communities are in a critical need for rehabilitation facilities, Christian counseling, and foster parents as a result of rampant substance abuse. These are all symptoms of a larger problem.

The Stand in the Gap Coalition remains committed to the citizens and families of the Tri-State area and its foundational message of II Chronicles 7:14 to “Heal Our Land”.

Can You Stand in the Gap?

For more information, visit our Contact page. Let us know your needs, questions, information or how you would like to get involved with these most worthwhile endeavors.