SIGCO Substance Abuse and Addiction Principals (SAAP) Training

The Stand in the Gap Coalition (SIGCO) has partnered with the Claiborne County Juvenile Court System and Claiborne County Sessions Court to provide comprehensive three (3) hour SAAP sessions for Volunteer Students and Adults to remedy Legal Infractions at School and throughout the community. As of February 27th, 2023, over 100 Hundred Students, accompanied by […]

Getting What You Want

What are you willing to give? At what Cost will you surrender your Future? DRUGS….. seek to Steal, Kill and Devastate your Life….. even the life of your Loved Ones! Call the Stand in the Gap Coalition….. let’s talk about these “CHOICES” before there is no more Choice for You!

Are You Sabotaging Your Life? Drugs Unknown?

“One Pill Kills’…… by line of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)….. How do they know this is so…. 2022 107,000 Americans died from a Lethal Drug Overdose. 70% of the deaths were from Fentanyl….. many times this most potent of drugs is hidden within another type pill…. Zanex, Pecotte, etc. The unspecting user dies within […]

Vaping – A False Savior!

Why Breath in a Vaporized liquid that you have No Idea what is the real content without having a Lab Analysis. Inhaling/Breathing (VAPING) one capsule(pod) of Nicotine is the same as smoking 2 packs of cigarettes. EVALI (E-cigarette, Vaping and Lung Injury) is the Medical Definition for the human physical results of Vaping….. “Lung Injury” […]

Healing in the Air…. Are you looking?

Addiction is a process that controls the human being….. physically, emotionally and spiritually. Simple definition…. “It controls Me… and, I am not in control” Call the Stand in the Gap Coalition (SIGCO)…. find a source that cares for your Safety, Health and Wellbeing! Let us walk the Journey of Recovery with you….. Personal and Professional, […]