Dec2020 SIGCO Thank You ..... Jail Ministry Update

11 December 2020

Dear SIGCO Friends, Volunteers and Supporters,

As December clips along briskly, the Stand in the Gap Coalition (SIGCO) reflects on 2020 while enduring the uncertainties of the COVID virus. We have found ourselves continually searching for platforms to continue the vision and programs of SIGCO toward a “Drug Free” Tri-State area and insuring the Drug Education and Training of our children in school and other local opportunities.

Another program of concern for SIGCO is our continued Jail Ministry for men and women Inmates at the Claiborne County Justice Center (CCJC). We have continued this program for many years, yet, COVID has taken us from CCJC for eight (8) months during 2020. Recently, SIGCO has been cleared to return to bringing the “Gospel” Good News to the men and women of CCJC. NOW.... we will again bring some Good Cheer with the Christmas message by providing individual inmates “Candy Treat” Bags and Caroling on December 17th as part of our regular Friday Jail Ministry.

As this year ends, we would like to note that you may make a “Years End” donation of your choice to SIGCO that is fully tax deductible. Additionally, if you would like to help with our CCJC Christmas “Candy Treats”, please contact our office, PH. 423-300-1302 for additional details.

As 2020 comes to a close, we would like to convey a sincere “Thank You” for your continued support of SIGCO throughout 2020.

With Greatest Appreciation,
Dan Spurlock

Stand in the Gap Coalition • 325 Straight Creek Rd, New Tazwell, TN 37825
PH. 423-300-1302
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