Mission Statement

We seek the eradication of "Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse and Family Violence" in our Tri-State Area through God's help and guidance as promised in II Chronicles 7:14

Support Positive Control

Passing Positive Control legislation is the only legitimate way we will ever reduce the number of meth labs our law enforcement officers are coming into contact with on a daily basis. Help us make a difference and support Positive Control. Tell all your friends, relatives and Churches. Ask Governor Haslam to support Positive Control. Voice your concern call 615-741-6692

SIGCO "Anti Meth" Position Points:

1. We seek "Positive Control of Pseudoephedrine (PSE) in Tennessee" and
"Availability with Responsibility".

2. We support Monthly and Annual PSE "Quantity" limits for individual

3. We support "Over the Counter" (OTC) availability of "nasal decongestant
and allergy products that are specifically "Not Compatible" for METH

Will You Join In This Movement?

Take your "Stand" and cry out for GOD to heal our land from the scourge of Drug and Alcohol Abuse that is crippling our land and its Peoples!
Please Volunteer your time, resources and convictions in this effort.
Please contact our office and offer your help to SIGCO.

Stand in the Gap Coalition (SIGCO)
P. O. Box 539
Cumberland Gap, TN 37724



Supporters of Stand in The Gap Coalition are requested to send their donations to P.O. Box 539 Cumberland Gap, TN 37724.

Thank you for your contributions.